About Margolis Management and Realty

The information about Margolis Management and Realty that follows provides a brief description who we are, and the goals, values, and operating procedures that drive the way we build relationships and serve our clients.

On a daily basis, we receive and handle calls and e-mails from their respective communities. Beyond our normal business hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, clients can reach us before and after normal business hours, on weekends, and for emergencies using our 24 hour answering service, which retrieves calls and relays the message to the appropriate manager for prompt response.

I hope the information below gives you a better understanding of what Margolis Management Realty, LLC is about, and why the company is recognized as a leader in the property management business.

Steve Margolis



Management Principles

Experience managing a variety of communities for more than 25 years, has confirmed that the ability to listen and establish open lines of communication with the association board members, property owners, vendors, and contractors, is essential to a respectful, productive relationship.  Our account managers take a hands-on approach to managing their respective communities – based on defined Board expectations, and a clear understanding of the responsibilities among everyone involved – the Board, account managers, and the vendors who provide services.


Long-Term Planning

Having a long term capital plan in place, integrated with the financial plan/budget, is essential to protecting the current assets and future stability of the association. Our expertise lies in identifying the major components of the plan, developing a realistic timetable, identifying funding options, and forecasting future costs of capital improvements.

Vendor Relationships

After years of experience, we have identified highly-skilled, competitively-priced, service professionals who are trustworthy, dependable, and customer-responsive. Contractors, vendors, and maintenance personnel we utilize are familiar with state of the art building practices, engineering requirements, and innovative technical developments in their respective fields. We work with vendors to consider comprehensive, cost-effective approaches to repair and building maintenance issues from a short and long-term perspective. This enables the Board to make thoughtful, comprehensive decisions about how to invest maintenance dollars.


Operating Systems/Procedures

We use QuickBooks Pro accounting software to handle the various demands of community associations. Each month, members of the Board of Directors, receive a copy of the monthly financial report showing all transactions that occurred during the month. We can also e-mail monthly financial reports to Board members, if preferred.

Additionally, our services include, but are not limited to:

Monthly Collection of Charges

Collecting all monthly charges and depositing into your community checking account.


Providing full bookkeeping services, including paying all invoices, furnishing monthly statements, and working with the accountant and Board treasurer as requested.



Negotiating contracts for services and supervising contracting work as needed.

Property Inspection

Providing onsite inspection of common areas.


Day to Day Issues

Handling day to day issues includes responding to written complaints and requests.


Meetings and Correspondence

Attending Board meetings and sending out appropriate correspondence, letters, and notices to unit owners as required.